Slide Packaging

Packaging to enhance the perceived value of your product.

We create the most suitable packaging boxes for your products and marketing strategy, enhancing the customer experience. Don’t put limits to your customer’s experience with a simple standard cardboard box.

BEST SOLUTIONS offers you customized packaging solutions, personalized boxes, personalized bags, bubble wrap and all kinds of materials that will make your customers “unboxing moment” the favorite one on social networks.

Personalized boxes

Personalized boxes are the perfect packaging to preserve and enhance the value of your product during transport and for improving your buyer’s customer experience.

Personalized boxes in all types of materials, prints and finishes will enhance your brand image

Personalized boxes for ecommerce shipments

Personalized corrugated cardboard packaging is manufactured by BEST SOLUTIONS in accordance with the image of your product and your business objectives, with reasonable prices so that packaging is not a cost but an investment capable of boosting your business.

All our customized boxes and packaging are manufactured with environmentally friendly materials.

Personalized polybags

Recycled plastic envelopes and polybags, suitable for the packaging of small items, samples, foodstuffs. All in a convenient, personalized, economical, sustainable and reusable packaging.

Personalized bags

Personalized paper bags. An outdoor advertising medium that provides great visibility and diffusion for your brand. In addition they’re reusable and recyclable.

All sizes and formats, made with sustainable materials and inks, in paper from FSC forests and wood.

Personalized cardboard tubes

Strong and resistant packaging, suitable for transporting and shipping fragile products. Customizable ecological cardboard tubes with all kinds of designs in line with your brand or your product, to enhance it and to offer a great customer experience.

Personalized bubble wrap

Personalized envelopes and airtight, shock and moisture proof packaging during the entire handling, storage, transport and delivery process to your customer’s home.

On packs and other packaging manufactured ad hoc

Packaging tailored to your needs, designed and customized specifically to add value to your customer during the purchase process and experience of the product.

Suitable packaging is capable of multiplying the perceived value of the product in the customer’s eyes.

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